Colors to Life


On the same day we conducted a motivational talk by the 19-year-old entrepreneur, blogger, innovator and TED speaker Smit Khandelwal. A very active sportsperson as a child and a  brilliant  student,  Mr.  Smit Khandelwal suffered a life-endangering brain hemorrhage. What followed were a series of events that led him to see and experience the fourth angle of the triangle. He went feeling helpless, hopeless, handicapped. But as is natural to every ardent sports person this soon began to look like just another challenge for him to overcome this challenge. This was going to be like a rebirth from the ashes a new meaning a new paradigm a new dawn.

He showed us that there are more colors to life than just black and white all we need is a change in perspective. Perspective is not only a psychological thing but is tangible and can truly lead to different outcomes.