MESA conducted an industrial visit to Hindustan petroleum plant (HPCL), wadala on 8 the February 2020 under the guidance of mesa conveyor Prof. Rehan M SiddiquI.


The students were given a brief introduction of the plant, history, planning, layout and management .they were also oriented about the management personnel, the engineers in the departments .their day to day activities and responsibilities. This was followed by a short tour of the plant, where in the guide Mr. Mukesh Kumar Bhil, also the safety officer demonstrated the applications of safety measures on the plant.

The students were also given a detailed information about the composition of fuel tanks in the plant, the software’s used in control system, inventory report and safety systems. The tour of the plant was concluded by a live demonstration of the safety sprinklers on one of the petrol tanks that consumed thousands of liters of water for about 3 mins.


 At the end of the tour, students were allowed to ask their questions and have an open discussion about the processes they witnessed .overall it was a very fruitful and knowledgeable experience. In the end students not only returned with technical knowledge but also experience shared by the senior employees of the company